Ditbureau voor grafische vormgeving

Interkerkelijk koor

Interkerkelijk koor Watergraafsmeer is a ecclesiastic coir in the Amsterdam district which is called ' the Watergraafsmeer'. They have their rehearsals in a local church build in the fifties with a specific exterior.

The coir exists of mainly elderly members and their number diminished during the years. They wanted to attract younger people and ensure that the coir would remain in its existence.

IKW koningskerk amsterdam

The visual identity is based on the basic
element of Western and Eastern systems of musical notation the so called neumes.
Neumatic notation remains standard in modern editions of traditional songs used in liturgies. Although neumes are known as the earliest form of musical notation their appearance is very modern. The typography is pointing upwards to denote the liturgical character of the music that the choir performs. The colors are chosen in a spectrum of purple to point out devotion and spirituality.